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Our counseling sessions are free.  There is no obligation to use our debt repayment plan when you come in for counseling.  We ask that you call us for our application form - we can mail or fax it to you - or download and print the form out on your computer and mail or fax a copy to us.  Then, when we have the application form, call us for face-to-face or telephone counseling.  At the end of the session we will give you copies of all of the forms we go over.  This will include an "ACTION PLAN" with the counselor suggestions on it.
If you choose to pay your bills through our debt management plan, you will pick a date to make a deposit with our office.  You can split your deposit out of more than one paycheck if you like.  Just be sure to make your deposit on the same day consistently.  That way your creditors will not drop you and you will continue to receive reduced interest, reduced payments and no late or over limit fees.
If you choose to use our office to repay  your debts, there is a one-time setup fee that ranges from $0 - $35, based on ability to pay.  There is a monthly contribution to our office of $0 - $35 to pay for sending checks out to your creditors for you.
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